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The Michael Dunn Center is a private 501(c)(3) non-profit program serving adults and children with developmental disabilities in East Tennessee. We are funded in part from the Tennessee Division of Intellectual Disabilities Services (DIDS), The Tennessee Department of Human Services, Tennessee Department of Health, Roane County United Way, Roane County and many other state and local sources. Our local sources include business, corporate and individual donations.

Your expression of care in the form of a donation to Michael Dunn will help ensure that we continue to be able to provide services to both children (early intervention, school age programs and a host of therapeutic interventions) and adults (supported employment, vocational training, community participation, residential, transportation and a variety of person centered support services) in our community who are challenged by developmental disabilities.

If you would like to make a tax-free donation, just make your selection below, provide the rest of the information, and click the "Continue" button at the bottom of this page.

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I prefer to let Michael Dunn use my donation where it is most neededIf you check no buttons, this is the option that will be used.
Use my donation for the items in the Wish List named "Information Technology (IT)"
Information Technology (IT)
Volunteer help with MDC networks

New or refurbished laptops

Flat screen LCD monitors
Use my donation for the items in the Wish List named "Nursing"
Donations for continuing education (seminars, in-service training, CEU's, etc...)
Wheelchair scales
Portable oxygen saturation monitors
100 each
Automatic Electronic Defibrillators for each residence (19)
1600 each
Use my donation for the items in the Wish List named "Residential Habilitation"
Residential Habilitation
Bedroom furniture for residents in need
Living room furniture)
Digital video camera for special events
Storage Units 10'x12' (2)
Flat panel LCD computer monitor
New kitchen appliances
Use my donation for the items in the Wish List named "Supported Living"
Supported Living
1 Lift Van for JDJ House
1 4 door Mini-van
3- 4 bedroom homes for future service recipients

1 Long Bed Truck for Conlin House
Use my donation for the items in the Wish List named "The Henry Center"
The Henry Center
Scholarships for needy children
Arts and crafts supplies

Office supplies

Use my donation for the items in the Wish List named "Work Programs"
Work Programs
Shirts for staff uniforms
Eye wash station
Paint trucks for Secure Document Destruction to include new MDC logo
Recycling Bins
20 each
Awning to cover walkway from MDC main building to Work Programs building
Totes and containers for Secure Document Destruction
Note that we use PayPal™ to process your donation. When you have finished entering and reviewing your information, you will be taken to the secure PayPal™ site to enter your credit card details and to complete your donation. All of the information above that is marked as "Required" must be entered in order to complete the donation process.

We would appreciate your permission to list you on our web site as a donor to Michael Dunn. Once you have completed your donation via PayPal™, please return to our web site by clicking the button on the PayPal™ site; at that point you will have an opportunity to give us (or decline) permission to list you (but NOT the amount of the donation) among those who have provided financial support for our programs and services.

If you are donating in the name of an organization, business, or corporation we would also appreciate your allowing us to display your official logo as part of our recognition of your donation. When you return to our site from PayPal™, you will have the opportunity to upload your logo to our web server. If you elect to upload your logo, we will place it, with the name of the organization, business, or corporation for which the donation was made, on our web site within five business days.

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